Labor day weekend, Lauren and Justin celebrated their love with friends and family at Rapid Creek Cidery. A laid back and small celebration, exactly what the two of them wanted.  Rapid Creek Cidery sits on top of land at Wilson’s Apple Orchard, this barn built with reclaimed wood is surrounded by grown oak trees with […]

Let’s go back a few months – wouldn’t some nice middle of summer weather be nice right about now?   Sam and McKennan chose to have an intimate ceremony and reception in the heart of small town West Branch, Iowa. I was lucky enough to be their photographer for their special day and once McKennan […]

Taking the leap! I have never really told my story or opened up about my businesses but today I am! Let’s get real!     The first time I even thought about going full time with my business was last year when Borrow My Vintage was becoming more popular and needed more of my attention, […]